How Can SunTrust Mortgage Help You With SurePay SM Authorization?

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Credit Union Members: To ensure prompt processing of your SurePay SM application, please verify your account
and routing/transit number with your credit union since the correct numbers for ACH transactions may be
different than those appearing on your check.
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I understand that your authority to withdraw payments from my account is to remain in effect until I have notified
SunTrust Mortgage, Inc., its successors or assigns, of its termination no later than 15 days prior to any draft date.
(If the bank account is jointly held, either account holder may provide notification.) I also understand that this
authorization for automatic withdrawals extends to any subsequent servicer in the event that my servicing is ever sold or transferred.
If a payment is ever erroneously withdrawn from my account, I have the right to have the withdrawal reversed by
my bank up to 15 days from the date the bank sends me my account statement, or 45 days after the date the
withdrawal was made, whichever occurs first. Beyond these dates, I may have an erroneous withdrawal reversed
by contacting SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. or my new servicer.
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